Feelings that won’t go away

In need of relationship (aka heart broken) advice. Please click on me.


What’s on my mind?

I am about to get real candid about my feelings that I have bottled up for months. I feel the need to explode and the best way for me to communicate is through words that are written down. You may find me as being a stupid, emotional little girl, but what can I say? It was my first heartbreak.

Mahou Shoujo of the End – Why I like it!

Usually, Mahou Shoujos (AKA Magical Girls) are associated with pink, frilly-fluffy clothes, holding staves. They are the image of justice, purity, and innocence that young female audiences love. However, Kentarou Satou took a different spin on the usual stereotype and turn them into evil beings. WARNING: Pictures are quite graphic so does who don't like horror shouldn't check this out