Total Peace?

What is total peace to you?

Is it just you being in this totally quiet place, where you are alone?

Or is it being away from the chaos of society and back into nature?

Or is it being in the middle of hundreds of people?

Maybe it’s just content. Happiness within you that leaves you satisfied.

It doesn’t matter where.

Or when.

Or who you are with or not.


Just maybe…

It doesn’t matter if you are alone.

Five years old.

Or fifty.

If you have that satisfaction

That bubble of joy within you.

But it doesn’t have to be an explosion worth of joy.

Perhaps you could have that bubble popped.

Let out all the joy and happiness.

But it’s the aftermath.

The aftershock.

The feeling of content and satisfaction.

That’s my favourite moment.


It is a bit difficult to explain.

But you could be in the middle of the mall.



You don’t even have to jump up and scream or laugh out loud.

Yeah, it’s not really a good idea to scream in the middle of the mall… or your office.

But you just breathe in deeply.

Hold it for a bit.

Then let it all out.

It feels like the weight of the world is lifted from your shoulders.

No more anxiety.

Or worries.

No pressure.

Just you hanging out with yourself, quietly.

Enjoying the moment or total peace.


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