Dream Diary 2

Okay, my second Dream Diary. It’s not as if I didn’t have dreams during the last few weeks… Well, not so much. But when I did, I forget it when I wake up. Urgh. LOL, sorray. I remember more of my dream than I did in the first log that I wrote.

I was standing in my back yard, wearing a white summer dress. The wind blew through my hair and my skirt shifted along. I walked down towards the lake. As I approach it, the water level started to rise rapidly. I ran towards the wooden pavilion and as soon as my bare feet touched the wood. The water stopped rising. As odd as it felt, my dream-state self didn’t question it. I walked towards the edge of the pavilion, looking out. Suddenly, from the usual scenery of the lake with greens and houses, I could no longer see anything beyond the horizon. I could only see the clear blue water and the sky.

In front of me, I saw something move in the water. Something big and dark. I knelt down, my fingers gripping along the edge of the wood, and I dipped my head into the water, looking around. My eyes didn’t need the time to adjust to the water at all. I could see clearly as I see normally above the water.

However, unlike the blue clear water that I saw from above, the moment I open my eyes under water, it turned into this murky water. Although the water was kind of what you would see in Animal Planet where the cameramen and the crew would take those gorgeous clips of alligators and other river animals, this was like… kind of like… hmm… Harry Potter! OMG right, it was like in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where Harry and the other Triwizard tournament champions had to go into the Great Lake/The Black Lake to search and rescue their loved ones. (FYI, I am super annoyed that Viktor Krum and Hermione Granger didn’t get together in the end. I mean, come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn)


So it looked like in the picture, but with more light and more fish swimming around. And not the usual kind of fish. I mean, yeah there are, but the more evidently, much more odd looking ones were a lot bigger and they were like, very noticeable. They were almost half fish half human, basically. they have the body of a fish, an ugly, monster-like head, and human scaly legs.

I was only down there for what seemed like a minute or so, though, since this huge fish with extremely sharp teeth swam fast towards me with its mouth open. I screamed, ripping my head out of the water and scrambled backwards.

The scenery had changed once again as I resurfaced. Now I am in the middle of a swamp… like in The Princess and the Frog (Disney, 2009). It was not that dark, but not that bright either. It was the kind of scenery that is relaxing but not that relaxing. You know? Kind of like, it seems nice and safe but it has it’s mysteriousness it in that you can’t let your guard down. I was standing on a wooden raft now, on the water. I didn’t look at what I was wearing, but I heard noises from a distance. The annoying kind of noises.

There were a group of cheerleaders stripping and laughing. Yeah this was source of the annoying noise. Okay, trust me, nothing x-rated happened. They started running into the water that is now murky and green. One of the girls with tiny bikinis that barely covered them at all, trudged through the water, whooping to herself. Then suddenly, she disappeared into the water, as if she was pulled down.

I didn’t move. Couldn’t. Suddenly, a huge giant at about 20 feet tall surfaced from where the girl disappeared. The giant turns out to be that fish that was going to bite my head off, but what I failed to notice is that the fish has legs, scaly human-like legs. It was disturbing, but what was more disturbing, is seeing that girl dead, her body dismembered, hanging in the Giant Fish’s human-like scaly hands. She looked as if she had no bones left in her body.The other cheerleaders were screaming and running away as the monster turned towards me and reaches down as if to grab me.

And that is when I woke up. Ugh hahahahahahaha, I must have been watching way too many movies. Okay, so that’s it for my second dream diary log. Thank you for reading! You may comment or just say hi in the comments section below.

Byeeeee (for now)!


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