Mahou Shoujo of the End – Why I like it!

This is, like, an unexpected epic manga that I had the chance to stumble upon!

Hey guys! It’s LOLROLLING! It’s been a long while since my last post hasn’t it! I was a bit distracted once again and the distraction consumed me… But I’m back!

Today, I will be talking about a manga series that I found very intriguing! So while I was distracted… or something, I came across this manga series while I was just looking for a new manga to read. I was bored, you see, and then this:

Mahou Shoujo of the End


Click here to read

By: Kentarou Satou (佐藤 健太郎)


AKA: Magical Girl Apocalypse

Started in 2012

STATUS: Ongoing

GREEN ZONE (Spoiler free!)

On the 23rd of January 2017 when I was just randomly looking for a new manga series to read, and I stopped at this one. The website that I regularly read manga from – MangaPark – had the cover picture of book 12(? There seems to be another cover as well on Google, so I’m not exactly sure) on display and so I wasn’t exactly sure what the story was about.

180As you can see that and it’s not exactly clear what the story is about by looking at that picture…

But then, I felt that it looked… odd. The title said “Mahou Shoujo” and I was like… hmm… is it going to be something like Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Anime)? And then I went on and read the story’s description/blurb provided on the website, and this is what it said:

“Kogami Kii hates his normal everyday life and wishes for something to happen. One day in the middle of class, he looks out the window and sees his teacher’s head explode when a little girl hits it. He goes to the bathroom to calm himself, but when he gets back to the classroom, he finds most of his classmates killed by the same little girl…”

GENRE: Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Mature, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
Psst: there isn’t really a harem, but more like a love triangle

I was curious (VERY CURIOUS) because usually anything related to magical girls would have to do with… well, girls. Usually the main characters for this type of story would be a girl, well, because it is magical girls. But for Magical Girl Apocalypse, the main character is Kogami Kii… a normal guy with a girly first name (Kii… never heard of a Japanese guy named Kii, but Thai guys are another story). And so I started reading it, low-key thinking that he would transform, wearing this pink tutu dress with a staff…

But no, it wasn’t like that, and it was beyond wayyyyyyy my expectations (not that I was expecting much)

It’s like a magical version of High School of the Dead (Anime/Manga) <- this series is on a hiatus by the way, dunno why.


A little info on Magical Girls

魔法少女 (Mahou Shoujo) is a Japanese phrase for “Magical Girl”, basically they are little/teenage girls 18 years old or less who somehow were “chosen” ended up having magical powers, often given to save the world.

Usually, Magical Girls would be associated with pink, frilly, fluffy clothes, staves, justice, the good, etc. You know, the regular themes that you are able to find in any other Heroes, but with a touch… smear… no, extreme of teen girly feel to it. So you tend to see these girls make more mistakes (unless they are already well-adapted to their weapons and dangerous situations) than heroes like Superman or Batman. And because of their youthfulness, they are also associated more with purity and innocence.

Examples of Magical Girls under the Japanese context:


The colours of their clothes are never really in a dark tone, or if they were, then they should have something light-coloured. E.G. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha‘s main character Fate Testarossa‘s costume is dark, except for her pink frilly mini-skirt.

One of the magical girls that I expect everyone to know of is Sailor Moon, the super ultra famous and classical(?) magical girl. Well, of course, Sailor Moon isn’t the first Magical Girl ever. The first Magical Girl prototype is Princess Knight (1953) while Sailor Moon was created much later in 1991. And of course, there are many other magical girl related manga series.

And over the years of having to observe this Magical Girl type of anime, I have realized that the theme grew darker and darker, somehow gaining a large number of male fans (Huh? LOL).

And then, Satou-san, the mangaka/author of this series – Magical Girl Apocalypse -, drew this manga in 2012 that is dark, very dark, gore and bloody as hell, and has a deep, twisting plot, so to speak. The magical girls in this story, instead of being the usual protagonist saving the world from evil, they are the evil themselves. These magical girls are the antagonists who the normal human protagonists – Kii and Co. – have to defeat and try to survive from.

Let’s get started!!

Here we are in the ORANGE zone

Or the semi-safe/little spoilers zone

This may contain spoilers! This part is a little more detailed than the description that was provided in MangaPark’s story summary.

So we start off, like in any other dystopic story, a normal day. Totally peaceful, totally mundane. Everything is set in a routine; students go to school in the morning, sits down at their assigned desks, studying… or in this case, they were having an exam.

We are introduced to the hero(?) of this story. Kogami Kii. (FYI: Kogami is his last name and Kii is his first name).


This short guy avoids any kind of events that would make him stand out. Maybe it’s puberty? Or that he is just so negative. But he ignore your childhood friend being bullied. Hmm… Must be something behind that cool exterior, right? Not gonna spoil! Anyways, he got into class, sat down. AND, of course, being a protagonist in a shounen manga, he has to sit close to the back of the class (not exactly the end of the class), by the window.

Somehow it became a place where the protagonists in any high school manga/anime must at least sit once.


Something like this (Psst: MC = Main Character/protagonist)

And then, a disturbance happened that as Kii looks out of the window mid-exam. His classroom is on the third floor of the building, so it is pretty high up and he could see a lot of things down below. A little girl dressed is some gothic-like fashion, holding a weird looking gun, was at the school’s gate, approached by the gym teacher.


Magical Girl“, basically, it’s super freaky how they look up so much that you can barely see their pupils

Suddenly, she poked the stick at the teacher’s head, and his head exploded. Kii was shocked as hell. I mean, who wouldn’t be? You just saw your teacher’s head literally exploded at the school gate, would you be all cheering now that he’s dead? No! So he left mid-exam to clear his head… and his bladder. He brushed it off that he was just day-dreaming, a nightmare while he took his exam. But then he heard screams as he stepped out of the bathroom. He remembered the little girl who killed his teacher and grabs a baseball bat that happened to be around there. Only to come back to his classroom to find absolute chaos.


He saw this little girl had slaughtered most of the population in the class. His classmates were dropping like flies and he was in shock as the girl killed some of his friends right in front of him. When the girl approached him, Kii‘s crush and the class idol made a sound and the girl changed her target. Kii swung the bat at the little girl, breaking the girl’s little neck. But that didn’t end the girl. Kii‘s crush ended up dead, half of her head gone. And Kii went ballistic, beating the little girl with the bat in his hand.

The girl settled. Presumably dead, and then while Kii was crying, a survivor of the disaster appeared from a locker in the room. She’s Fukumoto Tsukune, his childhood friend who he saw was being bullied, but he didn’t save her.


But then, of course, the chaos doesn’t end here when there were many other “Magical Girls” like that one’s whose neck Kii snapped… and it’s not like that Magical Girl is dead.


Spoiler alert, y’all!

If you don’t want spoilers, I suggest you leave now

I rate this series a 9/10 btw, in case you want to know without reading the spoilers 😉

This is just my opinion!!





Let’s go!

So Kii and Co. – along with Tsukune, he teamed up with a couple others, one including Hanzawa Yoruka – to escape the school and into the city. Why escape? Because, not only was the school filled with Magical Girls, the dead rose and became Zombies with 100 times the normal human strength, trying to kill them all. Two of them were burnt alive while trying to get into the car. Short-lived, huh?


However, according to the news broadcast that one of the students opened, the Magical Girlsthat were seemingly summoned from the sky – were all over the city. There was even a radio-cast officially called them Magical Girls.


A pretty simple magical circle, I could draw this with my eyes closed

But they went into the city anyways, and two of the party members were beheaded while doing so. I swear one of them was kind of cute, though. Shame.

Anyways, they made it into the city and Kii and Co. were caught up in a Magical Girl‘s magic, something that seemed like levitation… or a gravity controlling magic, I am not too sure, but a load of people were caught up in it, being forced into this huge ball made out of human… kind of like the giant elastic band ball floating in mid air with a height of about a building with six-seven stories. Fortunately Kii and Tsukune managed to hang onto something, however, what Yoruka held onto broke and she was sucked into it. Well, not exactly, the magic stopped working and she was saved, although she came crashing down stomach first. She didn’t tell anyone about her injury, however. They then found two other students – Sayano Kaede and Ootsuki Miki – who were killing a Zombie and they all fled into the inside of a department store (that is surprisingly Magical Girl free), where they found a policeman – Akuta Rintarou – with a gun in his hand, his pants down around his knees, attempting to rape two dead women.


Left: Ootsuki Miki | Right: Sayano Kaede


Akuta Rintarou

Desperate to get laid before dying (he is pretty healthy, alive and kicking, but anything could happen in this situation), Rintarou tried to force the gang to hand over Yoruka and Tsukune into being his rape victims – especially Yoruka, because she has big breasts (fan service purposes, I suppose) -, however, he showed extreme lack of interest in the two newest members of the group. Miki was low-key insulted, just angry at how stupid and psychotic Rintarou was being and approached him. She thought that the gun in his hand was fake however Rintarou proved her wrong by shooting into her thigh. I mean, he is an adult, shooting a sixteen year old teen is just super wrong!! However, when he was becoming more and more hard to handle for the gang, he was hit in the head from behind by Kushiro Ren, a student who applied to become a doctor at Tokyo University (AKA: 東京大学 [Tokyo Daigaku*] = 東大 [Todai**]).

Daigaku (大学) means “University” in Japanese.
** Todai is an abbreviated version of Tokyo Daigaku


Kushiro Ren… Isn’t he super cute? >////<

After they cuffed Rintarou up and took his gun, they got cleaned up and checking the interior of the mall, They encountered another familiar survivor, a deaf kid in distress from Kii‘s class, Himeji Wataru. Because he is deaf and mute, the only ones who could communicate with him are those who knew sign language, and apparently, he cozied up with Tsukune when they were in school so he taught her some words.


Himeji Wataru

Also, Ren learnt – through forced physical examination – of the poker-faced Yoruka‘s secret (the injury she had from the Magical Girl human ball incident caused her to have a hemorrhage that made her cough up blood). And here, we could clearly see the bond… the love, between the two grow.

They didn’t know, however, that Kaede was infected with a Magical Girl Parasite just outside of the mall. It is a type of Magical Girl that is dependent on a living human body and apparently is the only one that they could communicate with. However, Kaede was too strong/unwilling for the Parasite to fully possess her body, so the Parasite decided to change it’s host to another body, a little girl named Anai Miu.


Because she is still a child under the age of 10, her mentality isn’t as strong as that of an adult’s so – with that reasoning – I believe that she would be easier to possess. The possessed-Miu then killed every single person but the gang because Kii and some of the party separated to go to the rooftop in order to call for help from passing helicopters (the helicopters ignored them, though). Then the parasite appeared, attached to Miu‘s forehead (which looked seriously disgusting), and the gang realized that they could save Miu from the Parasite by ridding the Parasite from her body. With the gun they confiscated from Rintarou, they attempted to shoot the Parasite off of Miu, but without accuracy, they had to go back and free Rintarou for help. Rintarou got a clean nice shot, but the Parasite was ridiculously strong, stopping a bullet with a wink.

At this moment, Ren was, like, the one who seems to be the one who everyone would depend on. But he got shot. HE GOT SHOT. More like the Parasite threw that bullet back at them and it hit Ren in the stomach from behind as they were trying to escape and then while they were running, Kii thought of a plan to save Miu, which resulted in a success. And when they defeated the Parasite and saved Miu, they also gained the knowledge of the Magical Girls‘ motives (They were a part of the Mahou Shoujo of the End Project), their weakness(by destroying their magical sticks/staff), and how to kill them (The staff or head of the Magical Girl).

Turns out that after they destroyed the stick, the Zombies created by the Parasite no longer are Zombies. They just became… uh… regular corpses? And they continued to find out the source of the Magical Girls and the reason as to why they are attacking humankind. And believe me, you don’t want to hear anymore spoilers and go read the masterpiece yourself.

The fact that Satou-san antagonize Magical Girls and incorporate a whole lot of crap is amazing. And the twists will knock your socks off. Satou-san made sure that it isn’t that confusing to understand. I mean, I personally hate complicated things, so this is a very, very good read. I really wish that you all would go read this manga, it is just so good, I gave it a 9/10. Like, oh my god.


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