Dream Diary 1

I have been struck by an idea, inspired by Passion who told me this a few years ago but I totally forgot until just now (the idea suddenly came into my mind while I was just staring into the screen, thinking what to write), I decided to start writing a Dream Diary here.

Passion is someone I know who must dream every night or something. She talks about her dreams pretty often, and I love having dreams. My dreams are either super weird, a happy, relaxing one or… well, borderline traumatic.

Okay Spring Rolls, I bet you already know what a Dream Diary is, but I’ll tell you just in case. A Dream diary is what it literally means, like recording a log into your diary about your day, but this isn’t about your day, but more about your dream. What you have seen while you were sleeping, that sort of thing.

One would have to write it down as soon as they wake up from the dream that they were having. This is said to help you become a “lucid dreamer” or it allows you to be in control of yourself or anything in the dream.

Cool, huh? Lots of dedication and stuff. Like, if you have a nightmare, you can control it and make it less scary, I guess. Hahahahaha…


Let me add in my first dream log.

Ah! I’m nervous for some reasons

I am inside a hall way. The inside is huge and bright. The walls look like… crystals? or are they ice? I don’t know exactly what but I remember it was cold. I stood in the middle, looking around, wearing short black tights and an over-sized cream woolen sweater (Which is very simple but very cute). My feet are bare against the cold, marbled light-blue floor. I wonder about my outfit, not exactly something I wear outside, definitely close to what I wear to sleep. Maybe the me here was sleep walking?

I couldn’t move, my body refused to move. But I wasn’t thinking about moving at all. I was just thinking about the walls, the floor, and the air around me. Basically, not thinking about anything to be specific. My mind floated aimlessly.

Suddenly, I hear voices. One male and one female. I hear footsteps coming my way. I look down and suddenly the floor moved. But I didn’t feel movement. I looked closer and it wasn’t a normal floor per say. The floor was made of clear glass and beneath that was clear water. As clear as the waters in the Indian Oceans around the Maldives Islands.

The two people came closer and I saw their shadows around the corner. I steeled myself in anticipation of what’s to come. I then saw a Caucasian couple; one looked like a long curly, red-headed Tilda Swinton, while the other was like a gruff looking, dark-haired Neal McDonough (I have no idea why them).

They were wearing… something medieval, like what the royalties in Game of Thrones would wear. Big, fur cloak, long sleeves and everything formal. They didn’t notice me until they stopped talking all over a sudden. Their facial expressions from happy to sour faster than someone saying “carbs” (Again, no idea why the word “carbs”).

I felt that I was frightened to the core and I quickly turn the other way. I heard a roar and a screech. I didn’t turn around to see, but it sounded a lot like two man and woman screaming their heads off, very angrily.

Suddenly, the floor disappeared and I was swimming, barely. In real life, I consider myself a pretty good swimmer. But I was struggling in this dream. Struggling hard. It was as if I forgot how to swim altogether. I could barely keep my head over water. The sweater kept on increasing its weight, like an anchor pulling my body down.

And it’s not just my sweater. The water around me is trying to suck me under, pulling me down even when I was fighting to swim back upwards. It was a sickening feeling. Disgusting even. I love being in water in real life, but I never experienced drowning before. Water filled up my lungs and my brain was… it felt something like a malfunction.

I couldn’t breathe (obviously), more water would just get into my body. I try to look around but I couldn’t move anymore. There was no pressure squeezing around me anymore, nothing. It was quiet. Disturbingly. But I tried once more. I tried to move, and I did. I started to struggle again. And this time I screamed for help.

And then I woke up! Rapidly breathing, I sat on my bed, frightened as hell. But that fear faded once I took in the reality of my bedroom around me. This was kind of a nightmare. One that I just felt so suffocated, and it is one that I have seen a couple times in my life, and everytime I see it, I remember the details so clearly. I couldn’t forget it.

So, if I have a dream, no matter how weird, if it is interesting enough, I’ll write it 😉

Until then, PEACE OUT!


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