Sexy food – A review

What comes to your mind when someone says “sexy food”? Italian? Spanish? Can we also include Japanese?

Sushi is one of the fabulous, popular dishes across the world from Japan. Perhaps the most famous. It can range from the classical makis, the cute character sushis, all the way to modern sushis arranged on a sexy small plate.

One sushi, one bite. And that one bite matters. It is an art in Japan, that requires years of education and practice to master the art of making sushi. That bite can be the ultimate food-gasm, or an utter failure, an failures are often now that there are those style-infused sushi menus, like… hmm, a salmon sushi with ketchup? It could be a beautiful collaboration, but the execution that I had tasted… well, not well done.

Thailand, among many other countries, is very influenced by Japanese food. There are… well, numerous amounts of Japanese restaurants here in Thailand and a lot of them. Like, you see one everywhere in the city! Also, a ton of them that are buffets, and what do you know, some of them are pretty cheap.

The one I am going to introduce to you spring rolls here is one that is relatively cheap, close to my house and pretty new in town.

Sushi Onii

For more information, click the following link!

It had only joined the food industry this year, but the menu is quite innovative. There are three menus: two buffets (one salmon buffet for 559฿ [net], and a deluxe buffet for 799฿ net) and the normal À la carte.

559฿ is around 15$, not that bad, right?

The time limit for the buffets is 1 hour and a half, plenty of time to stuff your faces.

The service here is great. The owner of the restaurant came up to our table himself and kept us entertained, asking whether we needed anything else, but he also gave us the space that we needed. So it didn’t seem as if he was constantly hovering around us.

This small restaurant has this homely vibe, that allows one to relax and not too feel out of place. It is new, it is small, and it has a large wall of plain windows to look out and enjoy the view. A perfect restaurant for family and friends!


On the menu (I picked the 559฿ [net] salmon buffet menu), we have, obviously, sashimi! I have to say that the food is totally worth my money.


A generous dollop of wasabi to the side


The tamagoyakis are GOLD (pun intended) and I absolutely LOVE mackerel

Besides the sashimi, we also get to see some innovative menus that totally blew my tongue away.

The rest of the menu: (click on each pic for more!)

There are also the big rice dishes, which I took the pleasure of devouring the salmon butter garlic don. Unfortunately, the dish was a tad dry, but I love the smell of butter and garlic.


Salmon butter garlic don

The arrangement of the dishes are delicate and artistic, especially the ones with the sauces, the choice of plating is also nice, with the classic Japanese flare that goes well with the interior of the restaurant itself. When they first arrived, I couldn’t stop swallowing my saliva as I took pictures of them. They looked scrumptious, and their looks did not disappoint the taste.

The downfall, for most, is that the location of the restaurant is quite far from the actual city. So if you were living around Silom or Yannawa, it will be quite a trip. It is no where close to any trains, apparently. The closest one is via BTS is at Mo Chit station. Or MRT (which is a tad closer but with annoying traffic jams) Ladphrao station. And the closest is Airport Rail link Baan Tub Chang. But, all of them requires further transport via car. So yeah, it is pretty far. However, those living around here, like myself, the distance isn’t really a big deal, since it is only about seven minutes away from my home by car.

The restaurant itself is quite close to Chocolate Ville and many other restaurants that are in the hindsight of many tourists and Bangkokians themselves.

So if you are bored of all the chaos and commotion of the city and feel the need to just get away, you can travel here, the underrated suburbs of Bangkok welcomes all.


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