She walked into a place.
A place unknown.
Where he was.
He noticed her.
She noticed him.
Sparks flew.

They started talking.
They started liking one another.
At first it was just a ride home.
Then lunches.
Dates happened.

He puts stars in the skies for her.
She shines brighter than the Sun to him.
He wanted to take what they have to the next level.
He showered her with his love.
She received his love.
She was high in the sky with happiness.

But she was scared.
She was not used to such things.
An uncharted territory.
She isolated her feelings.
Ignoring his love.
He was hurt.

But he was patient.
Time flows by and she continues to ignore him.
Distance increases.
Soon it was just Good mornings.
And mere Good Nights.
Nothing in between.

She wanted to leave.
Thinking he fell out of love for her.
He didn’t stop her.
I’m tired of trying, he said.
Her heart was torn.

She drunk to forget him.
But it was to no avail.
The void in her heart was still becoming bigger.
She could sense him everywhere she goes.
She sees him in her dreams.
She still loved him.

She shredded her ego and reach out once more.
Can you give me another chance?, she asked.
Although he said, always,
He took it halfheartedly.
She put in the effort this time.
He didn’t.

Although there was no hatred.
Disappointment filled her heart.
The void in her heart grew once more.
Little did she know that a void also ripped open his chest.
Then he left her.

They almost found one another in each other.

They were almost together.


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