I stand in the middle of a white slate
Clean, shiny, and smooth
My skin now hard and golden
Steam rising from my pores
At an all time glory on my own

Alone I am
Perfect in every sense of the word.

But then one day
Other cookies joined me
On my white clean slate
Puffing and pretty
I am no longer the one and only
But the one in many

Then a pair of cold soft fingers touched me
It was love at first touch
They embraced me
Touched me
Loved me
Made me feel as if I matter to them

But that love was so destructive
I broke and shattered into a million pieces
Pieces of me falling down
Dirtying the white purity
Why must they hurt me like this?
Why must they break me?

No matter how hard I try
I can no longer bring my pieces back together
I didn’t know that they could harm me

Why they harmed me
I don’t know
I didn’t know
I couldn’t understand
It caught me offguard
So much that I don’t know what I am.

Am I a cookie?
Or am I just crusts?
Pieces of me now
Because of you
Can never ever
Come back together


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