Envy (A short, short story)

I stare out into the open sky, so blue and wide. The puffy white clouds in the sky looks so soft and edible, like cotton candy. Oh, how I wish to eat cotton candy, at a fair. My eyes trail down to see the large endless pond that I learnt stretched out across the globe. I have never felt the warmth of the ocean, even when it is right outside my window.

I could hear the sound of laughter, full of joy, outside where the Sun shines down so brightly. The wind bristling through the leaves, rustling while the crickets cry their summer song.

A few children ran into view outside the window. Their legs stomping the concrete floor, their skin sun-kissed, and their hair turning lighter than when I saw them yesterday. They ran about, laughing and teasing at the other child’s running posture.

If only they knew how lucky that child is. To have legs of his own. To be able to stretch them out first thing in the morning, and again before and after a run. To dance his heart out and expressing his feelings. To be able to merely stand each day itself is a miracle that I could ever wish for.

If only those kids knew how fortunate they are to be able to feel the warmth of the ocean blue against their skin. To be able to feel the sun beating down on their tanned body as they laugh with joy.

My heart tears inside my chest and water burns my eyes as I look at my own pale, skinny body. Oh, how unfortunate of me. Why must it be me? Sitting in this hospital bed, I can only able to imagine all of the things that could happen to me. Because I no longer have time.

If only I could be reborn into something that could free me from this life of physical imprisonment.


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