Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (WHY I LIKE IT)

Hello, LOLROLLING here! After a few days of contemplating on what to write next, I have decided to write about one of my passions: ANIME! (アニメ // Ae-ni-may). And I am going to talk about one of the animes I have finished watching recently which is:

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood






Surely most of you must know what anime this is, hell, I think most of you already watched it, or at least the 2003 anime version… or read the manga.

Of course, with the release of the manga becoming such a HUGE hit, an anime was released in the year 2003, however, after 6 years, they rebooted the series and made Brotherhood! I was told by many people that the 2003 version was… meh. But I suppose people have their own perspective on things. For me the 2003 version… well, it just didn’t make much sense when it was about the Truth and also about the parallel worlds… and stuff, I don’t know, there was just too much going on there but it was good either way. Maybe it was also because it was made while the manga was incomplete, so they had to make up an entire new plot. And Brotherhood was made and done at about the same time as the manga so… But of course, Brotherhood also lacked something to me too and I think it is because the story is too rushed in the beginning… maybe, like the first ten episodes or so? Just too rushed. But the latter parts are amazing.

Besides the cons, I am so hooked to Brotherhood, my dear spring rolls.

Well, even though it is such a BIG hit that everyone knows about it… or a lot of the citizens of the world, I have to give y’all a brief summary.


The boy in the iconic red coat, long blonde hair fashioned into a low braid, a metallic right arm and left leg accompanied by a large armored figure, Edward “Ed” and Alphonse “Al” Elric are the two famous young alchemists who are on a journey to find an object know as the philosopher stone. (Nope, it isn’t like the one in Harry Potter, very slightly similar, but no)


Why? That is because they performed the forbidden human transmutation when trying to bring their deceased mother back to life. For two kids to suddenly lose their mother to an illness and on top of that, their father left them alone (he left when the mother was still alive), I totally understand what they were trying to achieve. Of course it was impossible by the laws of nature and they had a price to pay.

ypwpmtI would freak out so hard if I were them

While Edward merely lost an arm and a leg, his younger brother lost his entire physical body. The plus side to this is that Ed was able to see the almighty Truth, A.K.A. God (with many other aliases), and he gained all the knowledge in the world… kind of, it is a bit hard to explain, so y’all just have to watch it. So, because Ed, who saw the Truth, now knows a hell lot about alchemy, he could restore Al and place his soul into the empty armor that was in the room with them. Voila! The Full Metal Alchemist was born! (Well, not exactly, it’s the name that Ed obtained when he became what is called a State Alchemist, will explain in a bit)

This happened when they were just little kids… so yeah, it’s pretty traumatizing and it’s real DARK.

Look at Ed’s devastated face, my dear Spring Rolls. *whispers* It’s just so sad.


Later on, Ed became a State Alchemist, a rank given by the military being under direct control of the president, so that him and his brother could find these stones with ease through the means of doing their research and what the military tells them to do… so basically, they are the military’s goons.

JUST SO YOU KNOW (Because you might want to go watch the anime before reading the rest of the post if you haven’t watched it yet), I rate this overall 9/10, so those who haven’t watched the anime? Get your butt off wordpress and go watch it! –> Press HERE to watch


Beware of fan-girl content up ahead! And (little but important eitherway) spoilers!

There’s also the huge problem regarding politics underlying the main story of the two brothers. Basically, the brothers’ problem is squat compared to the problem in the country of Amestris (below is the map)!

As you can see, the story is set in a totally different world from our reality. *Sings in a high-pitched voice* FANTASY. To be honest with y’all, I initially thought that this anime would be something like… I don’t know, Gundam and stuff. Sci-fi. Well, to my defense, I saw the armored Al and Ed who has those Automail (mechanical) parts and be like… huh, robots? Boy, was I so goddamn wrong.

Anyways! Of course, we have the love interest! Mmhmm, we can’t miss that character. Winry Rockbell is the Elric brothers’ childhood friend AND as well as Edward’s mechanic. She is one automail geek (Squeals and freak out whenever she sees an automail) and she constantly teases Ed. I guess you spring rolls can tell whose love interest she is. She lives with her grandmother, Pinako, and their dog, in their hometown Resembool, which is located in the southeastern area of the country.

tumblr_n9qwqdvkyv1s0c1pdo1_500Winry, being the daughter of doctors who passed away in the Ishval Civil War, is very important (and also because she helps fix up Ed’s constantly breaking automail parts). And that war plays a relatively big role in the entire story. Ishvalans are people who lived in the southeastern part of the country (even further than Resembool), bordering the Desert Area. The war is initiated by the murder of a young Ishvalan child by a soldier stationed there, which brought upon the rage of the Ishvalan citizens. What did the military do?


THE HARSHEST THING EVER? Yes. What did they do to you, Central!? (Central is the where the main military force is based at, so basically the military.) Even with all this harshness, the series really did capture some of the aspects of the cruel, harsh, human reality where the strong rules over the weak. So much of Social Darwinism played out here. “Survival of the fittest” much?

There are some obvious racism going on here, as the Ishvalans have a dark skin-tone and red eyes. And the fact that they were ordered to be annihilated? Woah, this somehow reminds me of WWII and the Amestris government are the Nazis! Oh, so much hate! Besides the shocking similarity of Brotherhood and human history, I just love how the story does not sugarcoat things with aesthetic aspects that make things seem lighter. The no-sugarcoating factor just punches you in the face with the cruel, awful reality of the gruesome selfish adults that doesn’t give a shit about anyone but those with money and power who could profit them financially as well as boosting their ego.

We even got to see the cruelty that the adults force onto innocent children. It’s just so sick that I cried watching what was done. And it was done for the satisfaction of who was supposed to be the role models for these children. It’s just sad to see how this may be going on in reality, especially with the recent Syrian bombings where that poor boy sat drenched in blood and dirt… it’s just sad how these little kids are caught up in the problems caused by adults.

Oh shit, look at how far I rolled out of track! Sorry, back to business then. In the Ishval Civil War, the military ordered the State Alchemists to assist them in the annihilation of these innocent people. One of those State Alchemists is Colonel Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist and…

My anime hubby



Oh man, look at him snapping his fingers


Look at his eyes! Oh, so dreamy


I swear no one looks hotter in this anime (I mean, check out those abs!)


Never before have I wanted to see a man get angry and burn people


“So basically, after seeing this part of your post, you don’t mind getting burnt by him?” My brother asked, calmly.
No, I don’t mind at all,” I replied as calmly as Dumbledore did when he asked Harry whether Harry put his name in the Goblet or not (From the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire FILM)

Ahem, okay, sorry… not so sorry


Colonel Roy Mustang has his own party, the ones that he trusts and all, apparently, he has a love interest too! But Riza Hawkeye‘s relationship with the Colonel is not as evident as it is in Brotherhood like it was supposed to be in the manga and the 2003 version. I mean, it’s there, but not as much. I would love to have seen more from them, but the fact that their relationship is so subtle, it gives off the air of maturity and professionalism. To me, even though there’s not much going on, I prefer their relationship over Winry and Ed’s. Hands down. Sorry WinryXEd Spring Rolls!


All throughout the series, we could see the development of all the characters. My favourite character development – or rather, the reveal of the character’s true nature – is Van Hohenheim, the father of the Elric brothers.


I can’t talk much about him because it will spoil the fun for you, my lovely spring rolls. But he is introduced to us as this cold-hearted asshole who doesn’t give a shit much about his family and eventually abandoning them. But later on, we get to learn more about him and it… let’s just say it will be interesting. He will definitely grow on you!

The character concept is just great. No buts, no doubts. All characters, both bad and good guys, all have this awesome unique character traits that the audience are able to enjoy EVERY single one of them in a different way.

THE ACTION. Oh my, let’s not forget that this is an action-packed anime series. The action is just SICK. Insane. I love it. So much blood. There’s a whole lot of action scenes for those who love action as much as I do. Bones really knows what they are doing.


My favourite scenes has to go to the ones with King Bradley. My God, that dude just seems invincible and he has got some sick moves. Unfortunately, my hubby doesn’t really have much action scenes going on since he just burns his opponents straight away. But of course, the other scenes are just as outstanding… well, the later fight scenes, of course.

And when talking about the action, there is the perfect company called the sound/music. Were the sounds playing in the background ever something that I went and be all bleh? No! Never! The soundtracks are actually EXTREMELY BEAUTIFULLY PIECED OUT IN THIS SERIES! One of the best factors throughout the entire series, I have to say. And it actually makes the story really, really, really, really, really, really, extremely, phenomenally entertaining to watch. And, OH MY GOD, the voice actors are just AMAZEBALLS. Like, I LOVE MIYANO MAMORU SO MUCH! (Down, girl!) Which just elevates my love for the Xing’s Prince-hottie, Ling Yao, even more. And it’s not only Ling’s voice, but all the other voices are just spot-on as well.


Anyways, beautifully told story (with absolutely no fillers what-so-ever, or straying off the story line for some small little stupid events that makes no sense to the main plot), with rounded characters that develop very, very nicely over time, the art is just beautiful, the plot is deep and dark, and the build-up to the event is just so INTENSE! It’s magical. I could go on and on, but you would just be bored with me. But what was I supposed to say, this anime is really amazing! THUMBS UP ALL THE WAY!

I am giving this anime a 9/10, and hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinions! I would love to hear what ratings you give Brotherhood and why.

Peace out, my lovely spring rolls!

tumblr_m7bcrbdbif1rni0w9o1_500-1XO, LOLROLLING.

P.S. Press HERE to watch this series if y’all don’t know where to watch it.

P.S.S. sorry for too much fan-girling?


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