Favourite Music Artist

Who is my favourite artist?

I have to say that that is a very difficult question. See, I LOVE music. All kinds. I listen to so many songs from so many artists that I don’t know who I really like myself! But I’m going to narrow down to some of those who I listen to most often!



Those soul-sucking sweet blue globes in his skull aren’t the only things that attract me to become a fan, but his amazing, flawless, classical, powerful voice. He is just simply amazing. No other words. His personality, judging from talk shows and such, is just so adorable! He is one of the sweetest, cutest human beings on the planet.

His songs are just flawless (already said that but I’m gonna say it again anyways), the lyrics are so heartfelt, I cried listening to how he pours his emotions into singing those words. You can really tell that he puts his heart and soul into writing and singing those lyrics.


My ultimate favourite song from him is “Latched”. Not the original version with Disclosure, though. I mean, that version is great, but this… THIS, the acoustic version, is just amazing.

Spring rolls, you guys just HAVE to listen to the acoustic versions of ALL his songs. They are much better and gives you way more goosebumps than the ones on the C.D.s! But what can I say, I love ALL of his songs so much!


I didn’t know her until “Rolling in the Deep”. And I sure am glad I did. She is extremely candid and funny, not a lot of the celebrities are so down-to-earth and gives this feeling of being sincere.

I saw her Carpool Karaoke with James Corden on the Late Late Night Show and I have to say that I feel even more in love with this beautiful lady. She is hilarious and her accent just makes her so cute! I really love how she just tells James about her evening spent drunk on Christmas. They were having this very… normal conversation! Like how we normally talk to each other. I really love that about her.

Of course, everyone must have heard “Hello”, the one that smashed T. Swift’s record for most views in a day or something, but have y’all heard of “When We Were Young”? It is filled with nostalgia and I think this is my favourite so far. Especially this live version. This version really shows that she really has got the talent. She looks and sounds spectacular here!



Very smooth, very classy, very rock. I LOVE THEM!!

I just realized that all three that I have talked about so far are British. L.O.L. NOT COMPLAINING. They really give off the classy old school, very sexy vibe. I mean… that voice? It’s like his voice is having sex with your ears. EARGASM! That’s how sexy I think it is.

The audience for this band is definitely the older generation. So kids, back off for now. Make sure you rain-check on these hotties later when you are older!

A lot of their songs are relatable to many people on many levels, me included. You just have to listen to their songs. I just can’t say more. Here’s only one of their amazing songs, but be sure to check out more!!!


From the blind auditions of the Voice in 2012, through to the present, this girl just amazes me. Her unique voice and her artsy looks are just two of the things that makes me so attracted to the girl. Not only is her voice amazing, but her lyrics are as well. They are definitely extremely deep and dark. Her music videos really showcase cute but extremely creepy/disturbing. Perhaps because her voice sounds so young, she makes songs with titles that are easily associated with children, like “Cake”, “Milk and Cookies”, “Mad Hatter”, etc. but her lyrics are NOT exactly for children.

She really keeps things realistic. You will understand when you listen to “Mrs. Potato Head”. She really captured the present social expectations of people very well in three and a half minutes. And having been a cultural studies student, I really find her songs intriguing and relatable… well, relatable in a sense.

WARNING! Some(or most?) of her songs contains harsh language so filter them before letting your kids listen to it… until they are of appropriate age.



Okay, this is going to be a long one since most people MAY have not heard of ONE OK ROCK. I have been addicted to these guys since 2011. Not really sure about the date but I AM SO GODDAMN FORTUNATE TO KNOW THEM.

For those who don’t know them, they are a Japanese Rock band with a dream to tour America… and they fulfilled that dream! I was so happy for them, I literally cried tears of joy. Although I have never been to their concerts, I knew that they really enjoy tearing the stage apart. There are always, ALWAYS, good reviews from those who attended their concerts. They all have a huge stage presence and they really make their concerts fun. Taka (the vocalist who is the second from the left in the picture) has the largest stage presence (of course, he is the vocalist) despite his small frame. His raspy voice is also a huge contrast to his cute face. When I first heard him talking (not singing), I was surprised. L.O.L. His voice… it is just amazing. He has a very attractive voice. Toru (the blonde guitarist) is like the heartthrob and leader of the band. And hot damn, I have never really been more attracted to a guy… lies, I am attracted to many guys, but this guy is really, really attractive when he strums his electric guitar. Ryota (the bassist, the one on the very left of the picture) is also Godly on his base. He is often seen topless in the concerts and his body is spot on! Tomoya (The drummer and the one standing inbetween Taka and Toru) is the eldest and the one with the really sick beats. In the picture, he may look timid and cute, but in reality, he rocks on! He always look like he is having a blast while playing the drums and it is amazing to watch him perform!


Although you might not understand what he is singing because he sings in both Japanese and English in most of their songs, it is still very catchy. Personally, I prefer ones with both Japanese and English over the ones that are only in English… I don’t know, I just do.

This song “Re:Make” is my first ever song that I have ever heard from them. I got hooked right away, and before I knew it, I am a fan. I thought it would be best if I also introduce this song to my Spring Rolls who have never heard of ONE OK ROCK before.

Below is a bonus! Taka is featured in Simple Plan’s song “Summer Paradise” where originally it features the rapper Sean Paul. In my own opinion, I very much prefer this version over the original. You guys may not agree with me, but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right?


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